Lancha and Geleira

The Lancha and the Geleria are only one kind of motorboat used in the Amazon River region to transport mainly cargo for riverside people or ice for fishermen working in rivers. Made ​​of timber boards from Itaúba and Piquiá trees, nailed to a structure formed by the ribs and arms fixed on a beam that extends from the bow stern, including serving as a keel projecting to the helm and also serving as seat of the motor shaft center. At the bow there is a floor forming the deck next is the “pilot house” near the rudder. The helm  is connected to ropes on each side of the vessel which extend into the steering gear located in the stern, with a reel to move the rudder.  The Lancha has open sides to keep good ventilations for passengers, while the Geleira has closed wooden walls to protect the ice cargo from the sun.