Cúter do Maranhão or Costeria

Cúter do Maranhã or Costeira is the popular coastal boat in the state of Maranhão in North Brazil. It is one of the more efficient traditional boats. This beautiful boat is not built from a single trunk as years ago, and is currently built with planking and ribs. The Cúter has a simple very original shape with straight ends. The keel is very strong, and gives the boat a great balance and seamanship. In the past, the keels were made from the trunks of trees in their original shapes to fit the structure of the boat. The hull has the maximum breadth near midship. It has low freeboard and cockpit house, and a strong structure to support the bowsprint. The mast is tilted backwards. The rig has strong inclination of the gaff, which visually turns the square sail into a triangle. The painting is based on several contrasting colors.