Canoa de Cocho (dugout)

Canoa de Cocho (meaning trough – where the cattle and pig feed) is the name for the dugout canoe in the interior of Brazil, in the region of the Pantanal. It resembles very much to the Canoa Manum which is a Canoa Indígena, Casco or Igara.

The process of making the canoe implies choosing the appropriate wood, usually, Cambará which should be soft, light and floating. The bow has a conical shape and the stern is wider to serve as a seat. For better conservation of the canoe against the action of water insects, it should be removed from the water, erected and then set fire underneath, removing the water which penetrates the pores of the wood. Waterproofing is done by smoking the canoe, lubricating it concurrently with animal fat, usually removed from the Capivara or Jacaré.

canoa de cocho2