Canoa de 3 paus, Montaria or Casquinho

Canoa de 3 paus, Montaria or Casquinho are names for the most common canoe used by river people in the Amazon region. It is built from three planks (3 paus) – one for the bottom of the hull, and two for the sides, each one at each side nailed to the bottom – of Itaúba or Sucupira tree and built with ease with simple tools, like a saw and hammer. Used with oars for family transportation and fishing. The lengths are on average 3 or 4 meters, however, may be larger. It is used for native fishermen to work around their villages and transport their families.

The Montaria has a different understanding of what design really is, said to be also a dugout canoe or just a general name for common canoes in the region.

montarias de pesca