Canoa Sergipana, Canoa de Alagoas, Borboleta

Canoa Sergipana, Canoa de Alagoas, Borboleta is a sailing canoe from the São Francisco river in the region of Sergipe and Alagoas states in the northeast of Brazil. With single, double or even triple spritsail rig with colored sails. When sailing downwind, the double mast canoe sails open to opposing sides as the masts are close together, resembling a pair of wings, therefore the nickname “borboleta” (butterfly). This canoe is built with several planks of timber, the bottom is flat, the bow is spoon-shaped and the stern has a long overhang and is high, with the rudder far out from the transom. The shape is derived from the Canoa Baiana from Bahia. Only one type of rowing paddle is found, relatively thin and long, used as a rudder. Still used intensively nowadays for fish and shrimp fishing, and also in races that involve all the local coastal communities. Text adapted from the website of the Museu Nacional do Mar