Canoa Indígena (dugout canoe), Casco, Igara or Ubá*

Canoa Indígena (dugout canoe), Casco, Igara or Ubá* is an Indigenous dugout canoe in several sizes and shapes, still built today in the Amazon and Pantanal.

*Ubá is a Tupi word meaning a canoe, either a dugout canoe from a single tree trunk or a bark canoe.

They could be so large that could carry about 40 people in the past. Typically made from trees as JatobáAndirobaItaúba, Tatajuba and Cambará. The construction is made by using the native techniques of a tree log cutting, carving, cleaning, and controlled burn, to create the inside curves.

See this video Yanomani Indigenous Dugout Canoe being built.