Canoa de Voga

Canoa de Voga were huge sailing dugout canoes (not known to be built anymore) similar to the Canoa Caiçara, Canoa de Borda Lisa or Canoa-de-um-pau-só . The word “voga” means to navigate, near to the meaning of rowing smoothly.

They were specifically cargo canoes that carried goods from economically isolated Caiçara communities to the great ports of the time. They could easily carry 6,700 liters of brandy plus up to eight people and some more to row, plus the boss. Its dimensions, sometimes longer the 20 meters by 2.2 meters width.

The square sail(s) used downwind and the mizzen in headwinds made it possible to shorten the trips with much cargo.  With no wind, huge oars were used.

Text adapted and photo from from CANOA CAIÇARA blog and the CANOA CAIÇARA YouTube page.