Bote do Sul, Bote de Popa aberta, Bote de Popa-torada

The Bote do Sul, Bote de Popa-aberta or Bote de Popa-torada (“cut stern boat”) is an engined boat, with a transom stern and used in all types of fishing.

It is found in the Lagoa dos Patos and along the South coast.  Usually with 5 to 7 meters in length and a wide breadth, equipped with an engine and may have a small covered area for sleeping. It is unmistakable and curious: the high vertical bow from the stem serving to tie the mooring cable. The freeboard is low and the bottom may be slightly curved. The hull is built with wide boards and sometimes with plywood sheets which makes it relatively inexpensive.

bote do sul bote-popa torada