Bote Bastardo & Bote Triângulo, Bateira

Bote Bastardo and Bote Triângulo or Bateira from Ceará in north Brazil are similar boats in construction but with different sailing rigs. The principle for the construction of both is the same. The existing boats have well-developed shipbuilding and have the constructive aspect inherited from Europeans in size and rigging, as the Bote Bastardo has a fixed mast and the Bote Triângulo has a removable mast.


The Bote Bastardo is found in the region of Camocim in Ceará with length from 8 to 15 meters and operates in a maximum of 10 days by 5 to 8 fishermen who have rudimentary accommodation inside of the vessel that allows them some protection during sleep. It has a fixed mast relatively short and proportionately thick to hold a spar in which a triangular sail is set.

The Bote Triângulo or Bateira (the name used in other regions of the north of Brazil) is found in Icapuí and the beach of Redonda. The Bote Triângulo of Icapuí is smaller than the Bote Bastardo, has a movable mast usually with a triangular sail to fit and eventually a small jib.

Text and pics from MIGUEL SÁVIO DE CARVALHO BRAGA. Further info and photos from