The Carcará or Caracará or Carancho is a bird of prey in the family Falconidae. As presently defined, the Southern Crested Caracara is restricted to central and southern South America. The Carcará is easily recognizable when it is standing, because it has a kind of black yarmulke on his head and a hooked beak resembling the blade of a knife, the face is red.

A bold, opportunistic raptor, the southern crested Caracara is often seen walking around on the ground looking for food. It mainly feeds on carcasses of dead animals, but will steal food from other raptors, raid bird nests, and take live prey if the possibility arises (mostly insects or other small prey, but at least up to the size of a snowy egret), it may also eat fruit. It is dominant over the black and turkey vulture at carcasses. It is typically solitary, but several individuals may gather at a large food source. Text from Wikipedia.