Paxiúba Barriguda or Paxiúbão

Paxiúba Barriguda or Paxiúbão (Socratea exorrhiza) is a peculiar palm tree, very common in the Amazon. The first root grows to a certain extent and stops, but the rest of the plant continues to grow. Thus, the stem produces aerial roots that go to the ground and look like struts.

Besides being an interesting-looking palm tree, it has its uses. For small animals it serves as a shelter – they hide between the roots. For man, she is very versatile. In some countries, the natives use wood to build houses and to make floors. The leaves are used to cover houses, make brooms and make baskets.

Paxiúba Barriguda (Paxiúbão) like many other palm trees, is also a source of food. Most of them have a sweet taste in the stem, the palm heart.