jabutiThe Jabuti called Tortoise in English, is the usual name of the genus Chelonoidis reptiles of the order Chelonia. The Jabuti-piranga is more live than the Jabuti-tinga. They are animals that can reach 70 cm in length to 80 years – about his lifetime, but may reach 100 years
* Jabuti-tinga (Chelonoidis denticulata), found in the Northeast, Midwest, Southeast and Southern Brazil. The name comes from Tupi-Guarani indian language meaning “One who eats little white”,  is known in English as Yellow-Footed Tortoise, with yellow and orange colors. It is bigger than the Jabuti Piranga, with about 70 cm and reaching up to 1 meter in length and 80 years of life with 60 kilos.

* Jabuti-piranga (Chelonoidis carbonaria) less common, since only exists in the Amazon region (dense forests).