Cambacica also known as Sebinho, Sebito, Caga-sebo e Mariquita, in English called “bananaquit” is a small bird, although there is some degree of size variation across the various subspecies. Length can range from 4 to 5 in (10 to 13 cm). Weight ranges from 5.5 to 19 g (0.19 to 0.67 oz). Most subspecies of the Cambacica have dark grey (almost black) upperparts, black crown and sides of the head, a prominent white eyestripe, grey throat, white vent, and yellow chest, belly and rump.The sexes are alike, but juveniles are duller and often have a partially yellow eyebrow and throat.

The Cambacica has a slender, curved bill, adapted to taking nectar from flowers. It sometimes pierces flowers from the side, taking the nectar without pollinating the plant. It also feeds on sweet juices by puncturing fruit with its beak, and will eat small insects on occasion. While feeding, the Cambacica must always perch as it cannot hover like a hummingbird. The bird is known for its ability to adjust remarkably to human environments.