The Bem-te-vi (“seen you”) is a bird of the family of flycatchers (Pitangus Sulphuratus), scientific name which comes from Pitanga in the Brazilian Tupi-Guarani language, and Sulpharus from the Latin as the yellow colour as sulfur in the belly of the bird. The species is still known by Indians as Pituã, or Pitaguá or Puintaguá. Other names given are Triste-vida, Bem-te-vi-verdadeiro, Bem-te-vi-de-coria, Tiuí, teuí, Tic-tiui or Siririca (for females). Measuring about 23.5 cm, is characterized mainly by the bright yellow color on the belly and a white stripe on her head, and the song that names the animal. Considered one of the most popular birds of Brazil, is one of the first to vocalizarem at dawn.