The Ipê-amarelo (Tabebuia serratifolia) is considered the symbol tree of Brazil. It is native to  Atlantic Forest and Cerrado biomes, occurs naturally in the semideciduous forest. Height: 30 meters. The wood is used in construction, in flooring, joinery, and carpentry.

Ipê is the popular name for several species of the genus Tabebuia:
* T. alba, Ipê-amarelo-da-serra
* T. aurea, Ipê-amarelo-do-cerrado
* T. chrysotricha, Ipê-amarelo-cascudo
* T. ochracea, Ipê-do-cerrado ou ipê-amarelo
* T. umbellata, Ipê-amarelo-do-brejo
* T. vellosoi, Ipê-amarelo-de-casca-lisa