Guapuruvu (Schizolobium parahybum) or Bocurubu, Guapiruvu, Bandarra, Bucuruva, Guapurubu, Igarapobu, Pau-de-vintém, Pataqueira, Pau-de-canoa, Pau-de-tamanco.  This occurs in coastal Atlantic Forest in Southeast Brazil. It is the true symbol of the city of Florianópolis. The tree is usually 20 to 30 m tall and 60 to 80 cm in diameter. It is resistant to biological deterioration. Wood is easy to enjoy carving, but there is difficulty in fixing nails and screws. The wood is weak but excellent for the making of light craft-type boats. Used to manufacture sticks, aircraft models, toys, dugout canoes, and small boats.