The Queixada (Tayassu peccary) in English the White-lipped Peccary. Also known by the names of Canela-ruiva, Pecari, Porco-do-mato, Queixada-ruiva, Queixo-ruivo, Sabacu, Tacuité, Taguicati, Taiaçu, Tajaçu, Tanhaçu, Tanhocati, Tiririca, Miguel, Cucu, Culo, Corretucu, Fenomeno, Xuxa-preta. Morphologically, it is very similar to Catitu (Tayassu tajacu) which is sympatric, they share the same habitat.

Queixada is diurnal and terrestrial, found in the Atlantic Forest, Cerrado and Pantanal. It has about 1 meter long, black coat with white chin. Lives in groups that add more than three hundred individuals. The Queixada is widely considered the most dangerous peccary; it will charge at any enemy if cornered, and when one of them is injured, the entire herd returns to defend it. It feeds on fruits, seeds, buds, roots and leaves, as well as invertebrates and small prey such as frogs, lizards and baby birds.