Pato no Tucupi

Pato no Tucupi (“duck in tucupi sauce”) is typical dish from the Amazon region cuisine, specially in Belém do Pará. A duck which has been previously roasted is brought to boil in a sauce of Tucupi and Jambú (Acmella oleracea). Tucupi is a yellow sauce extracted from wild Mandioca, which is peeled, grated and then the juice is squeezed out (traditionally using an basket-like instrument called the Tipiti). After being squeezed through the Tipiti, the juice is left to “rest” so that the starch separates from the liquid Tucupi. Poisonous at this stage due to the presence of cyanide, the Tucupi is boiled for hours – a process which eliminates the poison. The Tucupi can then be used as a sauce in cooking.