urucum2Urucum or Urucu (transliterated from the Tupi language: uru ku = “red “), is the fruit of the Urucuzeiro (Bixa orellana), a small tree native to tropical Brazil, which reaches a height of 6 meters. It displays large sheets of light green and pink flowers with many stamens.The fruit is armed with spines soft capsules, which become red when they mature. When opened up  reveal small seeds arranged in series, of thirty to fifty per fruit.

* In cooking, as well as flavoring and coloring, is employed in the form of powder obtained by grinding the seeds, usually mixed with a certain amount of other grains are crushed due to aril surrounding the seeds, which gives a characteristic red coloring matter. It is appreciated by the near absence of flavor and not to present the harmful effects of artificial coloring;
* In cosmetics: employed in the preparation of dyes to paint the body with the purpose of protection against the rigors of the sun;
* In medicine, such as herbal medicine, is endowed with numerous features and biochemical properties, implementing it on a vast range of cases.