Limonada is the traditional lemon juice, with lemon/lime dissolved in water, usually mixed with sugar or sweetener and ice cubes. It is as well known as the orange juice, but less consumed.

limão limão2Limão is the lemon (Citrus limon), from a tree in the family Rutaceae. We can say that there are about 70 varieties and is originally from Southeast Asia. In 1742, lemons were used by the British navy to combat scurvy. Today is one of the fruits most known and used worldwide. Became popular in Brazil during the so-called Spanish flu (influenza epidemic of 1918). With fruit juice is used to prepare drinks, ice creams, sauces and snacks, as well as medicines, syrups and cleaning products. The trees are small don´t reach more than 6 meters  mostly in warm climates or temperate. Limão and other limes are served regularly as a lemonade (lemon juice with water and sugar), Caipirinha or as adornment for alcoholic beverages.