The Veado-campeiro (Ozotoceros bezoarticus) is a country deer, found in much of South America, the Cerrado, Pantanal, Pampas and Atlantic Forest. These deer are about 1 meter in length and antler with three points and about 30 cm tall. Veado-campeiro is more commonly found alone or in groups of three animals. Animals are extremely agile and can run at 70 mph and jump over obstacles without slowing down. Its population is very low because of hunting, forest fires and habitat loss resulting from the occupation of farming and Cerrado biome plains. They feed primarily on grasses, and despise the most suitable grasses for livestock.

There are three subspecies of Veado-campeiro:

  •      O. bezoarticus bezoarticus – Cerrado
  •      O. bezoarticus leucogaster – Atlantic Forest and Pantanal
  •      O. bezoarticus celer – Pampas