Carvalho or Cedro-Faia

The Carvalho or Cedro-Faia (Roupala brasiliensis) is th eOak – or named as Carvalho Brasileiro, Carvalho-do-brasil, Carvalho-do-campo, Carvalho-rosa, Canjica, Carne-de-vaca, Carvalho-nacional , Catucaém, Caxicaém, Caxicanhém, Cutucaém, Cutucanhé, Guaxica, Pau-concha, Tucaiá, Tucajé, Caxuá,  Farinha-seca. Occurs in the Atlantic Forest biome in moist soils from Northeast to South Brazil.

It reaches about 30 m high. Pink-brown heartwood, with very broad and high rays, giving the wood a distinctive appearance, distinct from the pale brown sapwood. The wood is light red and considered of good quality. Resistant, used for joinery, furniture, construction and shipbuilding and carpentry.