Abacate, also known as Abacado, Loiro-abacate, Louro-abacate, Pêra-abacate is the fruit from the Abacateiro (Persea americana). The fruit is a drupe ovoid or pear-shaped, bark green to brown, and creamy pulp, sweet, olive-green to cream, with 50-30% oil. The fruits are quite large, up to weigh a pound, and contain one seed. The pulp of the Abacate can be eaten raw, cooked or preserved. It is usually prepared in savory dishes, such as pates, soups and salads, but can also be eaten mashed or beaten with sugar and milk as a dessert or shake. The pulp of the avocado oil can also be extracted, similar to olive oil. A large tree, which can reach about 20 meters tall. Its trunk is not straight, reaching 3 meter in diameter.