The Baleia-franca-austral (Eubalaena australis) is Southern-right whale, one of three species of right whales, belonging to the genus Eubalaena. It is estimated that there are about 7500 individuals throughout the South in the Southern Hemisphere. The indiscriminate hunting of such whale due to the amount of oil owned by example, left it almost in danger of extinction. Since the nineteenth century, the population of these animals was reduced by 90%. During winter, the Baleia-franca choose the warmer waters of the southern hemisphere to breed, such as following the shores of Peninsula Valdes (Patagonia), Australia, South Africa and Brazil. The Baleia-franca are distinguished from others by the callosities on the head that has an absence of dorsal fin and the arc that describes your mouth that begins above the eye. Its body is dark gray or black, presented sporadically, white patches on belly.