Conduru or Falso-pau-Brasil

Conduru or Falso-Pau-Brasil (Brosimum paraense), or Muirapiranga, Conduru-de-Sangue, Pau-Rainha, Amaparana, Amapá-amargosa, Amapá-doce,  Conduru-vermelho, Muirapranga-vermelha, Pau-vermelho. Found in Amazon biome.

Tree with up to 30 m in height and diameter to about 1m. Heavy wood; very resistant to fungi and other wood decay. Moderately easy to saw and plane, but difficult to nail and screw, getting good finish. Highly resistant to fungi and termites.

The wood is used  in external and internal building. Can be used on domestic floors, furniture, veneer and plywood, tool handles, pallets and packaging, sports equipment and typical Brazilian boats.