Peroba Rosa

Peroba Rosa (Aspidosperma polyneuron) also as Amargoso, Guatambu-amarelo, Ibirá-ró-mí, Peroba-amargosa, Pau-caboclo, Peroba-açu, Peroba-amarela, Peroba-amargosa, Peroba-branca, Peroba-osso, Peroba-comum, Peroba-de-são-paulo, Peroba-do-rio, Peroba-mirim, Peroba-miúda, Peroba-paulista, Peroba-rajada, Peroba-verdadeira, Peroba-vermelha, Perobeira, Perobinha.

Found all along the Atlantic Forest. Brazilian slow-growing tree, hardwood, and can reach from 20 to 30 m high with a straight trunk of up to 1 meter.

Heavy wood, is used mainly in construction such as beams, rafters, battens, frames of doors and windows, shutters, doors, gates, skirting boards, picture frames, tables and parquet floors, stair steps, heavy furniture, school desks, production of veneer,  wagons, railway sleepers.