Catitu or Porco-do-Mato

Caititu or Porco-do-Mato, Cateto, Tateto, Patira, Pecari (Tayassu tajacu) is a mammal distributed from the southern United States, through all of Central America and South America east of the Andes, in tropical and semitropical forests in Brazil. The Caititu is mistakenly called a Porco-do-mato due to its apparent resemblance to the Javali (Sus scrofa). However, several anatomical features make it different, such as the presence of a scent gland in the dorsal and a vestigial tail, the leg bone fused to the foot. The Caititu feed on several items, including fibrous foods, leftover vegetables, fruits and small vertebrates. As adults, they measure 75 to 100 cm long and about 45 cm tall. The weight ranges from 14 to 30 kg. They have the behavior of chatter teeth as a defense mechanism when threatened.