The Tatú is the Armadillo – a mammal of the order Xenarthra, family Dasypodidae, characterized by the armor that covers the body.The name “Tatu” comes from the Tupi ta’tu1 .

When it protects other predators, the armadillo curls up into a nearly indestructible ball. Not a hit by a vehicle is able to pierce the thick armor covering it. Are important for medicine, since they are the only animals, besides man, capable of contracting leprosy, being used in studies of this disease. Species:

  • Tatu-bola
  • Tatu-canastra
  • Tatu-de-rabo-mole
  • Tatu-galinha
  • Tatupeba
  • Tatu Pichiciego-menor (Chlamyphorus truncatus)