embaubabEmbaúba (Cecropia hololeuca), also Imbaúba, Umbaúba, Ambaúba, Embaíba, Imbaíba. It is the tree of the Bicho Preguiça (Sloth) because its fruits are a favourite food.

It belongs to the stratum of the native plants of the Atlantic Forest biome reaching 15 m high. Emabaúbas are light trees, undemanding as to soil, and very common in deforested areas in recovery. They have fruits attractive to several species of birds and able to disperse quickly. The genus is easily identified by the large, circular, palmately lobed leaves, about 30–40 cm in diameter. Embaúbas is a characteristic of tropical rainforest ecosystems and may be among the dominant tree species in some places. Being aggressive, rapid-growth trees, the fruits are readily sought by various animals, they tend to be among the first species to occupy former forest areas.