barriguda branca

Barriguda-branca (Cavanillesia arbórea) from the family Malvaceae (Bombacaceae) also called Imbaré, Embaré, Árvore-da-lã, Barriguda-lisa, Castanha-do-ceará or Pau-de-navalha.

The average height of this tree is 15 to 20 meters (but can reach 30, depending on soil quality). Its trunk is verrucous, broad in its entirety, in contrast to a slight cup and antlers (which looks more like an inverted root). Its leaves are simple and flowers in shades of beige and slightly pink.

Natural Occurrence: Atlantic Forest and Caatinga. In infertile soil can reach 30 feet tall, with a trunk diameter of 1.5 meters. The fact is that this tree has softwood and can be easily attacked by fungi that cause rotting. Its wood is used in the construction of small craft boats, airplanes and model airplanes.