Uirapuruverdadeiro (Cyphorhinus aradus) is the Musician Wren or Organ Wren. The bird is also recognized by Arapuru, Guirapuru, Rendeira, Tangará or Virapuru. The term Uirapuru comes from the Tupi-Guarani “wirapu ‘ru’ . It is an active bird that moves very quickly. It feeds on fruits, and particularly for small insects. It has great legs, reddish-brown plumage, orange and others. Lives in the middle of the rain forest and is in almost all the Brazilian Amazon. The song of the Uirapuru can be short and strong, when you want to show the area of territory, or long and mellow, while his intention is sexual attraction. Lasts 10 to 15 minutes at dawn and dusk, at the time of building the nest, and sings only about fifteen days a year.

The song of the wren
In the folklore of northern Brazil, the Uirapuru is known to have one of the most beautiful songs among the birds, causing all the other birds stop singing to listen to him. It also says that, by remembering a piccolo, flute or clarinet, the corner of Uirapuru inspire poets.