cedroVitrineCedro (Cedrela fissilis) is the Brazilian Cedar, also known as Cedro-rosa, Cedro-vermelho, Cedro-branco, Cedro-batata. Cedro amarelo, Cedro cetim, Cedro da várzea, Cedro-fofo, Acaiá, Cedro-roxo.

Found from Southeast to South Brazil mainly in Atlantic Forest, and throughout the country. Height of 10 to 25 meters with up to 80 cm in diameter. Light to moderately heavy, soft to cut and remarkably durable in dry conditions. When buried or submerged rot quickly. Sapwood is white or pinkish distinct from heartwood. The wood is widely used in plywood, sculptures and carvings, models and frames, furniture in general, carpentry,  manufacture of small boxes, pencil, musical instruments, airplane modeling, and naval construction.

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