Maracujá is the Passion Fruit from the shrub known as Maracujazeiro (Passiflora edulis). It is spontaneous in tropical and subtropical areas of America. Named from the Tupi language “mara kuya” means “fruit which serves” or “the food from the bowl”. Its flower is regarded as the “passion flower” because of its shape: crown of thorns, the five wounds, three nails with which Jesus Christ was crucified. The Maracujá flower is pollinated only by an insect known as a bumblebee. Maracujá is a source of vitamins A, C and B complex Moreover, it presents a good amount of minerals (iron, sodium, calcium and phosphorus). Maracujá is common as a juice. It is believed that the fruit has relaxing properties.There are 2 popular kinds in Brazil: the sweet one, harder to find, used as a natural dessert fruit, and the sour one which is used more often as juice.