Manga is the fruit from the Mangueira (Mangifera indica) originating from South Asia. It has a fleshy pulp, sometimes fibrous, yellow volor in varying shades, rich in turpentine and a pleasant taste in natural or in jams, marmalades, jellies and soft drinks. The best-known varieties, which differ in size, shape, color and flavor, are the following:

  • Manga-espada, elongated and flattened sides. Remains quite ripe even after maturation.
  • Manga-rosa, round and beautiful yellow color, tinged with pink. Size varies.
  • Manga-bourbon, more or less spherical and yellowish green.
  • Manga-familia, more or less spherical and yellowish green.
  • Manga-favo-de-mel, lengthens and intense yellow color, very sweet.
  • Manga-carlotina, small and rounded. Yellow-green, speckled with dark, high in vitamins C.
  • Manga-coração-de-boi, as the name indicates, is presented in the form of a heart.