Beija-Flor & Colibri (Hummingbird)

beija florBeija-Flor and Colibri (Hummingbird) are an order of birds that includes only the family Trochilidae. They are small birds, which measure on average 6-12 cm long and weigh 2-6 grams. A common characteristic is the forked tongue and extensible, used to extract nectar from flowers. The skeleton and muscular constitution of the hummingbirds are adapted to allow a quick flight and extremely agile. They are the only birds able to fly in reverse and remain motionless in the air. The beating of the wings is very quick and minor species can beat their wings 70-80 times per second. Live on average 12 years. The diet is based on nectar (90%) and arthropods, particularly flies, spiders and ants. The hummingbirds are polygamous.

Augusto Ruschi was undoubtfully the outsdanding world specialist in hummingbirds, leaving the biggest written bank of information about the subject in the world. Also it was the main world-wide authority on ecology of the Atlantic Forest, being the only scientist in the world to live 50 years in the interior of the  woods and study it for all this period. Also he left significant contributions in studies of bats,monkeys, bromélias, orcquids and  environmental  impact. Augusto Ruschi was born in Saint Teresa, in 12 of December of 1915, a small city of Italian settling in the mountains of  Espirito Santo. Also he was a defender of the culture and the rights of the indigenous minorities, which he had a close knowledge due to his trips thru the forests along the tributaries of the Amazon river. Ruschi had contact with hundreds of tribes. He observed that the indians who inhabited, for thousand  years,  the region, are depositaries of a knowledge on the nature that does not have scientific register. They withhold the cultural memory of the use of the flora and the fauna in the cure of diseases and in daily applications. Ruschi called again the attention of the country, in the year of 1986. Seriously illed, due to remains left by esquistossomoses and malaria. Project Noa´s Arc & Augusto Ruschi´s work