Paineira (Chorisia speciosa) of the family Bombacaceae. Other common names: Barriguda, Paineira-rosa, Árvore-de-paina, paina-de-seda, árvore-de-lã, Paineira-fêmea, Paineira-de-espinho. It is a tree up to 20 meter tall. The leaves are compound spanking, and fall during flowering. The flowers are large, with five petals pink with red spots and white edges. The fruits are green capsules which, when mature, burst exposing the seeds wrapped in fine white fibers that aid in flotation, which is called “paina”.

It is said in Brazil that this allows the tree to get birds’ nests, which would be impossible to happen when it had long, pointed thorns, so flowers and fruits are no longer present, the tree continues to give its contribution hosting the birds. The Paineira fiber is a fine and silky, but little tough, not being much exploited in the manufacture of fabrics, but more like filling in pillows and plush toys.