Andiroba (Carapa guianensis) also known as Aboridã, Andiroba, Andiroba-aruba, Andiroba-branca, Andiroba-do-igapó, Andiroba-lisa, Andiroba-saruba, Andiroba-saruda, Andiroba-vermelha, Andirobeira, Andirobeira-branca, Andirobeira-vermelha, Camaçari, Carapa, Carapá, Carapinha, Caropá, Comaçari, Gendiroba, Iandiroba, Iandirova, Jandiroba, Jandirova, Landirova, Mandiroba, Nandiroba, Nandirova, Penaiba, Penaíba, Purga-de-santo-antônio, Purga-de-santo-inácio, from same family as mahogany and cedar. It occurs throughout the Amazon, in the forests of lowlands and flooded tracks along the rivers and streams. Large-sized tree with rapid growth, reaching up to 30 m tall, 50cm wide.

Heartwood moderately resistant, is durable, is not attacked by termites. Used for construction (beams, rafters, battens, window frames, doors, paneling, shutters, doors, window frames, baseboards, trims, frames), furniture, veneer, plywood, packing boxes, interior finishing of boats, masts and other naval parts.