Freijó (Cordia Goeldiana) or knowns as Claraíba, Claraíba-do-pará, Cordia-preta, Freijó-branco, Freijó-cinza, Freijó-preto, Freijó-rajado, Frei-jorge, Freijó-verdadeiro, Frejó, Louro, Louro-amarelo, Louro-freijó, Louro-preto-do-espírito-santo.

Found in the Amazon. The tree trunk is straight, cylindrical, with height up to 25 m and diameter to 6o cm. In areas of great growth may reach 90 cm in diameter and 40 m in height.

Freijó is considered a moderate resistance to attack by decay organisms. Used particularly for fine furniture, decorative veneers, panels, building construction, such as window frames, blinds, shutters, shingles, interior trim, molds, trim, shingles. In building the structure of small propeller aircraft, nautical and aeronautical construction.