The Jacarandá-da-Bahia (Dalbergia nigra) also known as Jacarandá-Preto, Cabiúna, Cabiúna-rajada, Cabiúna-do-mato, Graúna, Caviúno, Jacarandá-cabiúna, Jacarandá-caviúna, Jacarandá-una, Pau-preto, Jacarandazinho.

It is a Brazilian native tree along the Atlantic Forests biome in rich soils. One of the most valuable woods in Brazil has been exploited since the colonial period. The tree is 15 to 25 m tall with 40-80 cm in diameter.

Used for pianos, guitars,  interior work, in construction such as paneling, moldings, doors, baseboards, decorative veneers, flooring, and furniture.