Tartaruga Cabeçuda

The Tartaruga Cabeçuda (Caretta caretta) also known as  Tartaruga-amarela, Tartaruga-meio-pente or Tartaruga-mestiça, called in English as Loggerhead Turtle occurs along the eastern and northeastern coast in Brazil. Its back is brown and the belly is yellowish. The carapace is measured curvilinear average of 110 cm  in length and weight of the animal is 150 kg. This species is omnivorous and can feed on crustaceans, mainly shrimps, clams, jellyfish, hydrozoans, fish eggs and algae. Normally inhabit shallow depths to about 20 m. There are records of dives to about 230 m deep. Their powerful jaws allow it to crush the shells of mollusks and crustaceans.

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