Charque, Carne Seca or Jabá

Charque is a salted beef originnaly from the Northeast of Brazil. The absence of cooling technologies to keep the meat, when the animal was slaughtered for removal of the leather with good market value, there was no way to keep the meat. Later it also started to be produced and well appreciated in Rio Grande do Sul state in the South, and also known as Carne-seca or Jabá in Southeastern Brazil. The meat is salted and exposed in ventilated sheds. Besides not being exposed to the sun it differs from Carne-de-sol  due to the large amount of salt and pressed into shapes while the Carne-de-sol  is one piece, like many other beef cuts. The Charque is today made from veal beef or young beefand its main use is in the Arroz Carreteiro.