Louro-Faia (Roupala Montana) also called Faia, Faiera, Canjica, Carne-de-vaca, Carvalho-do-brasil, Carvalho-nacional, Carvalho-rosa, Carvalho-vermelho, Carvoeiro-do-cerrado, Catucanhém, Caxicaém, Fruta-de-morcego, Guaxica, Patuquiri, Pau-conha-roxo, Pau-de-concha, Tucajé.

Found in Brazil in the Amazon and Cerrado biome.

Tree height between 15-25 m, with trunk 50-70 cm in diameter. Heavy wood, hard, moderate pink-brown heartwood, with very broad and high rays, giving the wood a distinctive appearance, distinct from the pale brown sapwood. Wavy grain, coarse texture, odor, and taste.

Easy to work. Low resistance to wood decay organisms. It must be used indoors and dry. Used in furniture, decorative veneer, decorative objects, guitars.