Imbuia or Embuia

Imbuia or Embuia (Ocotea Porosa) also known as Canela-broto, Canela-imbuia, Embuia, Imbuia-clara, Imbuia-escura, Canela preta, Imbuia amarela, Imbuia brasina, Imbuia lisa, Imbuia parda, Imbuia rajada, Imbuia revessa, Imbuia zebrinha, Umbuia. The tree is found in the Atlantic Forest. Height of 15-20 m, with trunk 50-150 cm diameter.

Imbuia, once abundant but now rare, has high commercial value for the furniture industry for its friendliness to the slot and long life, besides good looks: brown color in general, have veins that go from yellow to brown with black stripes. Due to the plundering exploitation of their hardwood, walnut today is threatened with extinction.

Wood is considered resistant to attack by decay organisms. It can be used for fine furniture, decorative veneers, interior finishing, planks and parquet floors, door frames of shutters, beamed rafters, roofing, notch, butts of guns, frames, and musical instruments.