Anagelim-Pedra (Hymenolobium petraeum) or Angelim-amarelo, Angelim-aroeira, Angelim-branco-pedra, Angelim-comum, Angelim-da-mata, Angelim-do-pará, Angelim-grande, Angelim-macho, Angelim-pedra, Angelim-rosa, Mirarema, Murarena, Sucupira-amarela.

Found upland forests across the Brazilian Amazon Forests of high land, also in high fields, where size, albeit small, prevails over the others.

A tree of great height can reach the roof of the forest in the region, its thick trunk and may reach up to measure 340 cm in diameter.

Very durable when exposed to fungi white rot and brown, and moderately resistant to drills. Resistant to the dry-wood termites. Used in construction and shipbuilding, joinery, sleepers, poles, clubs floors, beams, pillars.