Gambá (Didelphis) is the Possum a popular name of a marsupial mammal typical of the Americas. Gambá in Tupi means empty belly. They are also sometimes confused with the Cangambá (Mephitis mephitis), although it resembles, is not a marsupial but a mustelidae. Gambás are animals 50 cm long, and the tail that reaches 40 cm, with a body similar to the mouse; The legs are short and have five fingers on each hand, with claws, unlike most marsupials, their tail is shorter than his body; Colour can vary a lot. Gambás can reproduce three times a year, giving 10 to 20 pups in each litter, which lasts 12 to 14 days. Gambás can be found in various regions of in Brazil where there are at least four species:

  • Didelphis aurita – Gambá-de-orelha-preta.
  • Didelphis albiventris – Gambá-de-orelha-branca .
  • Didelphis marsupialis – Gambá-comum.
  • Didelphis paraguaiensis – Gambá-paraguaio