The Muriqui, also known as Muriqui-do-sul ou Mono-carvoeiro, are monkeys of the genus Brachyteles. The name “Muriqui” comes from a native Tupi word meaning approximately ‘largest monkey’. The largest among primates in the Americas, originally found in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest included in the category Critically Endangered. It is one of the most endangered primates in the world. It is the largest primate in the Americas and the largest mammal endemic to Brazil. Endemic to the Atlantic forest of southeastern Brazil.It is a docile animal, color clear, the long, soft and black face outlined in white. With a prehensile tail, arms and legs long and thin, like swinging in the trees by the tail. The adult reaches measuring 1.5 meters high, has a tail 4 feet long and weighs 15 kilograms. Has diurnal habits, eating leaves, fruits and flowers. Lives in small groups in the upper stratus of the forest, coming to leap up to 10 meters in the treetops. Sleeps during most of the day.