Caranguejeira negra brasileira

Caranguejeira negra brasileira (Grammostola pulchra) is a terrestrial tarantula native to Brazil. The species is desirable in the pet trade because of its long life and reputation for being docile and gentle in temperament, as well as for its appealing dark coloration. Commonly known as the Caranguejeira,  mature specimens are almost entirely black. It is a slow grower, taking up to seven years to reach maturity. May reach 15 cm in length and live for 20 years. Very robust, Caranguejeira negra brasileira are usually large, with long hairs on the legs and abdomen, completely black in color. Despite the large, offer no danger as to its poison. Occurrence in the southern and southeastern Brazil. They are not aggressive, biting only if they are molested. They seek to flee at the first moment of contact, assuming a defensive posture, continues to be bothered. They are great hunters.