Araucária or Pinheiro-do-Paraná

Araucaria or the Pinheiro-do-Paraná or Pinheiro-Brasileiro (Araucaria angustifolia) also known by the name of indigenous origin, Curi, is the only species of the genus Araucaria found in Brazil.
It is a tree whose occurrence in the Atlantic Forest southern states of Brazil and is now threatened.

It is native to high-altitude areas of the Atlantic Forest biome, growing in low mountains at altitudes of 500–1800 meters. The most common area to find the Araucaria is the state of Paraná, thus leading some to call it Pinheiro-do-Paraná.

It is a tree growing to 40 m tall and 1 m trunk diameter.

The wood is easily attacked by decay fungi and termites, but is highly permeable condoms, facilitating the treatment. The wood is easy workability but must be careful to flatten or cut the wood, it can cause distortion. It is indicated for crates, furniture, laminated boards for lining, roofing, rafters, pencil, carpentry, matchsticks, forms for concrete, carpentry, plywood, planks, poles, and masts of ships.