Mogno (Swietenia macrophylla) or as Acaju, Aguano, Araputanga, Caoba, Cedro, Cedro-aguano, Cedroí, Cedro-mogno, Cedrorana, Mara, Mara-vermelho, Mogno, Mogno-aroeira, Mogno-branco, Mogno-brasileiro, Mogno-cinza, Mogno-claro, Mogno-de-marabá, Mogno-do-rio-jurupari, Mogno-escuro, Mogno-peludo, Mogno-rosa, Mogno-róseo, Mogno-vermelho.

Present in all the Amazon Forest and little south. It is devastated and in danger.

It is usually 25 to 30 meters tall, with 80 centimeters in diameter. The wood is moderately heavy, hard, moderate resistance to decay and attack of dry-wood termites. It has low durability when in contact with the soil and moisture.

It is suitable for luxury furnishings, decorative objects, panels, slide rules, frames, veneer and laminates, plywood, special interior finishing, trims, shutters, baseboards.