Maçaranduba or Massaranduba

Maçaranduba or Massaranduba (Manilkara Elata) or Aparaiú, Apraiú, Aprauá, Balata, Balata-verdadeira, Gararoba, Maparajuba, Maparajuba-da-várzea, Maçaranduba-da-marinha, Maçaranduba-de-leite, Maçaranduba-roxa, Maçaranduba-vermelha, Muirajuba, Muirapiranga-roxa, Paraju, Parajuba, Pau-de-esteira.

Found in Amazon Forest.

Easy sawing, rolling, turning, and screw collar. The finish on the lathe and the drill is excellent. The use of nails can cause cracks. The presence of resin affect the wire-cutting tools.

Resistant to decay fungi and subterranean termites. Moderately resistant to dry-wood termites. Not resistant to marine borers. Stands up well to moisture. Some Applications: civil constructions, flooring, and others.